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An elusive villain; a hero with remarkable abilities; questions that must be answered

The Thaumagician’s Revenge is the second installment in Gareth Ward’s fast-paced steampunk series, Rise of the Remarkables, which is set in an alternative 1874.

The protagonist is a strong female character named Wrench. Wrench is no ordinary human – she is a Brasswitch with the power to mentally control and manipulate anything mechanical. This power is unique and unpredictable, and not something you usually find in books.

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A heart-racing ending

Crosstrees is set in a dystopian world after a climate change catastrophe and the land is now controlled by a group called the Revelayshun. Under their harsh rule, the two main characters, Wil and Leah, must uncover the mysterious truth that is destined to change everything. But the Revelayshun will do anything to make sure the truth stays buried. The book holds warnings of a dark future that can emerge through greed and fear, if we don’t take care of our environment and each other.

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Conflict, mistrust, a strong brotherly bond and bikes

Hucking Cody is a young-adult novel by Aaron Topp, set in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Hucking Cody tells the story of a teenage boy named Cody who is obsessed with mountain biking and is struggling to prove himself to his older brother Zane. 

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Wizards, dragons, castles and pet tuataras!

Quest is a young adult fantasy adventure written by Wellington author A J Ponder and was published in 2018 by Phantom Feather Press. Ponder is most well-known for her first published book, Wizard’s Guide to Wellington.

Quest is the first book in the Sylvalla Chronicles.

It tells the story of a teenage princess, in fictional Avondale, who goes on a quest with no plan, but tunnel vision and the dream of becoming a hero. 

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Making Magic

It appeared no one in this new world he inhabited was quite who they seemed.”  This is a quote from the steampunk adventure novel The Traitor and the Thief by Gareth Ward. I was inspired to read this book after meeting the author, also known as The Great Wardini, at Booktown in Featherston, and being his assistant while he performed magic tricks.


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