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Amy is excited to receive Into the Flames and The Ghost Warriors for Christmas.

Alaynah from Opiki School recreated a fight scene between Ivy and Zack for the school's Agriculture Day.

Coco enjoying Into the Flames in the sun

Click here to see the awesome Minecraft Royal Orchid video created by students at Opiki School

Denika and Ivy holding her Scampers prize from the Underground bookstore competition.

"I loved The Death-Hunters so much! It was such a magical adventure. Ghost Orchid is very unique to other magical story's and that's the best part. I recommend this book and the other books in the series to all magical and fantasy lovers around the world even if they were young or an elder. Thank you Denika for creating a wonderful story for us all."

Maddy, 11

Lachlan reading Into the Flames

"Royal Orchid was amazing!!  Denika's words created all those characters and created a world so real. Denika has made a path for me into the writing world. Denika you have inspired me, thank you so much for being who you are and creating an incredible and wonderful experience for all your readers. I followed your story and read it over and over again. The way you told the story - not only did you make me a better person but you've helped me with finding my passion. Thank you so much." Kendra age 11