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The exciting conclusion to the Royal Orchid series is now available!

After defeating the Ghost Warriors, Ivy is now Queen of the Crystal People. But peace doesn’t last for long when a dragon hatches in the Kingdom.

Flicker’s birth brings vengeful dragons out of a deep slumber, determined to hunt the hatchling down and destroy her and anyone that stands in their way.

Ivy and her friends flee Vanda Orchid to the Land of Kingdoms in search of an army of pixies and humans strong enough to battle their new enemies.

Can Ivy raise an army before the dragons attack? Or will everything she loves be destroyed?

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What happens when your best friend is your mortal enemy?

The Last Kingdom tells the story of Phoenix and his friend Mokie as they battle to save the Land of Kingdoms from the evil Pixie Queen. Thrust into a world he's been dreading his whole life, Prince Phoenix must take the throne. But who can he trust?

The Last Kingdom is a standalone book and introduces characters who will feature in The Crystal Continent, the last book in the Royal Orchid series.

The Last Kingdom was released 31 October 2021. Click here to purchase your copy. (RRP $20)

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Royal Orchid series  

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The first three books in the Royal Orchid series are available to purchase at a bundle discount. This $50 set includes:

  • The Death-Hunters

  • Into the Flames

  • The Ghost Warriors

The Death-Hunters is the first book in the Royal Orchid series. It is a fantasy middle grade adventure set in New Zealand and the fictional world, Ghost Orchid. It tells the story of 14-year-old Ivy who finds herself in an icy wasteland. Through battles, a murderous dragon, a mystery voice and a lurking magician, Ivy fights to discover where she belongs. A great mix of action, suspense, drama and heart. (RRP $20)

Purchase directly from me for a personalised signed copy 

Into the Flames is the prequel to the Royal Orchid series. It tells the story of Ivy's parents as they rush to save their baby from the dragon Reshana. With the help of a Mystic Wolf and a few unexpected allies, Ivy's parents navigate an unfamiliar wasteland and fight the battle of their lives to save their family. (RRP $15) 

Purchase directly from me for a personalised signed copy, or it is free as an ebook when you sign up to my newsletter.

The Ghost Warriors is the next book in the Royal Orchid series set a year following the defeat of the Death-Hunters. The Crystal Kingdom has been thrown into turmoil as King Leor is captured. To rescue her father, Ivy must face the vengeful Bloodmaster and his undead army bent on wiping out all she cares about. Long-buried secrets will be unearthed. What will Ivy do when everything she thought knew about her past is destroyed. (RRP $20)

The Ghost Warriors has now been released. Purchase directly from me for a personalised signed copy

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Click here to purchase the Young NZ Writers Write Off Line Anthology from 2018 which includes my short story Echoes of the Future. 

Something Strange happened in

Click here to purchase the Young NZ Writers Write Off Line Anthology from 2019 which includes my short story The Hidden Dragons.