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  • Denika Mead

What I Read in December 2023

I was pleased to have read 31 books in 2023. At the beginning of December, I realized the end of the year was fast approaching and I might not reach my reading goal. Luckily, I had plenty of time to read and churned through six books.

Ever since Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros - Author was released everyone I talked to said how amazing it was. I started to worry that the book wouldn’t live up to the hype, but it more than delivered. There’s tension on every page and the characters are witty and lots of fun. It was my top book of 2023 and is perfect for anyone who loves grumpy dragons and sky-high stakes.

I’ve been a fan of Heartstopper by Alice Oseman for a while. I started with the Netflix series, then went on to read the graphic novels. I loved the fifth instalment just as much as the rest. I also read the novella, Nick and Charlie, which is a companion to the series. The story was small but packed a strong punch.

The Schrödinger's Books Children’s Book Club meeting was held early in December to avoid the Christmas rush. The book choice was Journey Through the Cat Door by Belinda O’Keefe. This is a great read for children who enjoy adventure, secret agencies, and of course – cats.

In December, I also read What Would Wednesday Do? I was introduced to Wednesday and the Addams family through the Netflix show in 2022. I loved the presentation of this book but would have liked a bit more of the Wednesday sarcasm and wit throughout.

Lastly, The Imagination Chamber by Philip Pullman was a joy to read. Each page contained a snippet or fragment from the world of His Dark Materials that gave more information about the world and characters. Thank you to my lovely Aunty for picking this up for me.

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